Home for Blind Children

Home for Blind Children

Our goal is to create an environment that nurtures hope and holistic development for children and young people with disabilities. The NGO provides a warm, lively and family-like setting which aims at developing the social, communication and leadership skills of the visually impaired so that they become self-sufficient enough to contribute meaningfully to society. At WACWDI, we ensure that our children have access to quality education early in life and they acquire skills to live independent lives like their able counterparts.

In a society where disabled children from dysfunctional and disadvantaged homes are neglected by their families as a result of their inability to cater for their needs, leaves children susceptible to abuse. In response to this and myriad of problems disabled people in our society are faced with, WACWDI since inception has accommodated 49 visually impaired young people and children. Some beneficiaries of our intervention have successfully integrated back into society and reunited with their families.

Presently, WACWDI has thirteen visually impaired children from dysfunctional/disadvantaged homes under our care. Owing to the fact that our program is residential, we are continuously faced with the problem of housing. Our present accommodation is a rented four-bedroom bungalow where we have been putting up for 7 years. Due to economic situation in Nigeria, the landlord has decided to put the property to other use. We are now dealing with a quit notice and the possibility of being evicted. As this problem keeps occurring repeatedly, we see the need for us to have a permanent shelter for these special children who rely on our intervention.

We have been getting several offers to buy a property but we do not have the means to buy any of these properties, hence our appeal to good people out there to come to our rescue. We recently got a property which cost N30m (thirty million Naira) $82,191.78 and the property is really suitable for disabled people.

We are currently faced with being homeless… To help and support Women And Children With Disability Initiative (WACWDI), please contact us.